Church history

The church building was opened on 4 September 1888. Other resources say that the building was erected in 1889 as German Zion Church.

The last baptist church service in this building is held on 24 July 1949. During the Soviet occupation the 7th Day Adventist have their services here, as well as the Adventist Baltic union is here.

On 2 September 1993 the northern area of the City of Riga Board renews UBCL (The Union of Baptist Churches in Latvia) rights to the property at 9 Vilandes Street. On 12 March 1995 general meeting of church planting happens. The church is established and it’s name Riga Vilande Baptist Church approved, Almers Ludvigs elected as the church pastor. On 5 February 1995 the first Sunday School class for children is held. At Children’s Sunday School, the classes are for two age groups,  - and in three age groups for adults. On 14 January 1995 - the first youth ensemble rehearsal and 14 February - the first activity for youth. On 5 February 1995 for the first time young people of the newly started church are singing in the church service.

Since 1999 Ģirts Ašnevics has been the pastor of the church.