Our friends

It is so good when you have a good friend. You have been in a close contact with this friend but in some time you go your own ways.

Some time passes - maybe a year, maybe a few years and suddenly we meet again. And we feel like nothing has changed. Again we can talk and find common language,laugh together, cry together... How good it is to have such friends.

We are really rich, because we HAVE such friends. We rarely meet - maybe once a year or once in two years, however we feel like nothing has changed. Their joy is our joy, and their sorrows are our sorrows. They are our friends from Richardson baptist church in America, and our cooperation is lasting for more then 10 years already.


It is love that comes from God. It is praying together. And it is work done jointly. Thanks to our friends, a beautiful children’s area is built next to our church and renovated few rooms in the church building. It is good to have friends, however far, but dear and close. And we have friends like them.

More about church in Richardson: www.fbcr.org