What we believe

Our church is a place where we let Jesus Christ build His Church through the hands of ordinary people. God’s Word is His building plan, therefore the basis of our faith.


Development, growth, increase in the shares, GDP, progress... there are so many words that indicate growth. The words we hear so much and so often, especially in the 21st century Every country and every company wants growth and development. Possibly some family wants to grow, if we think about children. Meanwhile at this moment so many indicators in different areas show the opposite tendency to growth. But when we think about vitally important, i.e. our soul position towards God and the spiritual question in general, we also need to think about development or growth in particular. Read further



The truth about worship is revealed to us by Jesus Christ. When reading the Gospel of John Chapter 4, we have a chance to see what Jesus reveals to the Samaritan women, and also to us, about worship, this very important thing to their culture and to our culture. The Mount Gerizim, where Samaritans worshipped God, or Temple in Jerusalem - these are not the only places where God can be worshipped. Jesus reveals to the Samaritan women that from now on God will be worshipped in spirit and in truth.  There are no more holy places. The temple where God wants to live are our hearts. God wants to dwell in our hearts. Read further



God wants that every Christian would serve according to the gifts He has put in us. To serve God and to serve our neighbour - that is God’s plan, therefore there is an important question, how do you use the gifts and abilities God has given you? Read further



According to the Bible, fellowship means that we as God’s children are united in His family. That of course does not happen easily and by itself. But God's intention is that each of us are a part of His family, where every member of the family is ready to humbly receive and to give in love. That means that fellowship is something more than just having a conversation, or joint lunch or being at a service together. Fellowship means that we are a part of community - the church. Read further



The word "evangelism" sounds really complicated and big. What does it actually mean? Is evangelism a persuasion that we know the right sentences and formulas which makes people to become Christians? Or maybe evangelism is talking someone into coming to church because we are lonely and it is hard for us there? Or is it business? “If you come to church you will receive free lunch. If you accept Christ, your life will be insured?” Read further