Sunday School

Vilande Church Sunday School is open for children ages 3 - 12. Our purpose is - to develop children's spiritual growth in co-operation with the family and the Church by introducing them to the Biblical truths.

Children are greeted by creative, friendly and energetic teachers, who will help them to feel good in Vilande big family and to get to know God through conversations, songs, crafts, games and other activities.

Sunday School is held every Sunday during the service. 
Children’s activities are held in two age groups:

  • Youngest group - 3 - 6 year olds
  • Oldest group - 7 - 12 year olds

Already for a couple of years, twice every season, an event “Night at Vilande Church” is held which the children love to participate. Team games, “silent half-an-hour”, preparing lunch for the church café, sleepover at the church - this allows children to open up in communication with each other and talk about serious questions to the teachers in informal atmosphere.

Sunday School children regularly take part in the Sunday services. Every year children go on trips, extreme walks and take part in the Vocational Bible School, Christian camps and visit museums together.
Children from older groups are involved in other activities as well - small group, METRO - so that once the Sunday School is finished, they could naturally join the youth environment.

Teachers working at Vilande Church Sunday School are creative, energetic and love giving, who have responded to God’s call - to be next to children during their first steps in relationship with God.