Who we are

We exist to help people get to know Jesus Christ, to encourage them to live in accordance with God’s plan and to urge them to tell others about Christ.


We believe that the basis for Christianity is the relationship with Christ and not the list of our good deeds. Therefore as a church we want to get to know Jesus Christ and to develop a long-lasting, personal relationship with Him.


We believe that a person’s daily life reflects his/her heart conviction. Therefore, in our daily lives and not just during the church service, we as a church want to live worthy of our calling and in accordance with what we believe.


We believe that Jesus’ big commandment to go and make disciples in every nation is meant for every Christian. Therefore as a church we want to tell about God’s great love and introduce to Christ as many people as we can.


We believe that one log does not burn by itself. Therefore as a church we want to walk this road of faith together, by encouraging, praying and taking care of each other.

Our ministry leaders:

Estere Rozkalne Sunday school leader26595659 / sūtīt e-pastu
Ģirts Asnevics Pastor29147736 / sūtīt e-pastu
Edgars Krumins Warden20388388 / sūtīt e-pastu
Toms Grinbergs Secretary22023288 / sūtīt e-pastu
Anda Turlute Worship leader and cashier29831496 / sūtīt e-pastu
Tabita Asnevica Sunday school and Street of Hope leader26136273 / sūtīt e-pastu
Lelde Keice Teen ministry leader27451508 / sūtīt e-pastu
Inta Asnevica Baby school leader26141640 / sūtīt e-pastu
Toms Asnevics Technical coordinator29396181 / sūtīt e-pastu
Ansis Vegners Deacon and video operator27573159 / sūtīt e-pastu
Raimonds Logins Deacon26419593 / sūtīt e-pastu
Rufus Smits Deacon27006957‬ / sūtīt e-pastu
Markus Rozkalns Deacon29152835 / sūtīt e-pastu