Baby School

Children from 3 months start to attend our Baby School. Up to 3 months the baby mainly communicates with his/her mum but starting from three - four months the child is emotionally ready to meet his/her peers.

And from this age we start to attend the Baby School. The main reason - we come together to develop emotional connections between babies and their parents. For children of this age it happens by way of gestures, touch and eye-contact. At the same time babies need to know that each their action is perceived with love and understanding. This happens by mum's encouragement and a hug.

The most important factor for a child’s development is the feeling of security. And we are trying to establish this in children. Through language, movement, music, memory and touch.

When the children reach one year of age this feeling of trust and security has already been established in them. This is why in a group for one year olds we see small yet confident people. Types of activity change, during this age we are trying to develop the ability to communicate with other children. In addition we also use movement and creative development (we are starting to create first crafts).

2 - 3 year olds are starting to develop their own will, and that is important age to attend the Baby School. During this age, the children are learning to be independent, and the best way they can learn it is by being together with their peers. At this age we also start the first serious music and painting activities, because we have understood that music and art are the things that we need to develop in our children at this age.

It is really important to develop the things that should be developed in children exactly at this particular age, therefore each part of the class is composed with a certain purpose. Through gesture, touch, music, eye-contact, rhythm, movement, art. And what is most important - through love.

To learn more, please contact the Baby School leader.

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